How I became Big Foot Tourist

How my lowest extremity led to this blog site !!!

Around late 1990s, when our two children were around 10-12 years old, we, along with a bunch of friends, some with children of about the same age, started taking them biking in up-country areas in Thailand. We used mountain bikes, which during those dark ages, were still without even front shocks. As it seemed like it rained wherever and whenever we biked, no matter what season it was, we named our group The Rain Riders. Since the weather in Thailand is warm year round, riding in the rain was a great cool fun.

Biking is in our blood

Then starting around 2010, as our kids got older, we started taking road trips in Europe. We found that many places in Europe have either bicycle for rent or guided bicycle tours (Vienna, Prague ….) so we started carry our helmets and gloves on trips and look for every opportunity to tour by bike wherever we can. More and more friends starting to join us, and they also brought along some more new friends.

One thing that many of these new friends noticed and commented my size 13 feet which always stood out as I like to wear bright color shoes while on trips. Some suggested that we should have a new name for our group. So Big Foot Tour (BFT) was born.

Hebrides Islands, Scotland

Big Foot Tour started out slowly with one or two multi-days biking trips per year. The first trip was a guided mountain bike tour on Scotland’s Hebrides Islands in 2014. Starting in 2019, Big Foot Angel increased the number of trips to about 4-5 per year.

Big Foot Angel

Big Foot Tour is not a commercial enterprise but just a social group among relatives and close friends with similar interests. Some of my members suggested that I keep a blog of our trips so that others who may like to enjoy the same experience can follow them on I also decided that since they are going to make me do the extra work of recording our trips, I should have the rights to choose my own pen name : Big Foot Angel will have five main sections :

  • Past Multi-day Bike Trips that I just summarize the trips with comments and some tips
  • One-day activities that I believe is worth making efforts to do. This also includes other activities such as kayaking, hiking
  • Places that you should not miss
  • Zemblanity (Shit-happens)
  • My Big Foot Tour Trip Blogs. These are for new trips starting with Barge & Bike Trip in Holland in April 2019

For the trips and places that we took before April 2019, I will be describing in general what are the good and not so good features of the trip. I will try to recall the Do’s and Don’ts and suggestions. There will be some pictures as well as links to websites that you can find out more about the trips. They are meant to be just a source of rough information.

For new trips, starting with Holland Barge & Bike in April 2019, I will be posting day-by-day in blog style so they will have much more details of the trip.

Me Myself I and Moi

NOTE : I am creating My Big Foot Tour as a hobby and learn about travel blogging and also to see it would be a good way to keep the records of my trips. I pay for all my trips so the opinion I written are my own and not influenced by any financial incentives. If any of you reader can benefit from any information here to make your trips more pleasant for you, I would be more than happy.

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