Austria’s Wachau Valley

Biking along the Danube in Wachau Valley, Austria – October 2015

The town of Krems an der Donau (80 km west of Vienna) is the start of Wachau Valley, the famed white wine region of Austria which runs along both banks of the Danube and ends about 36 km west in the town of Melk.

We rented bikes in Krems and rode the north bank of the Danube towards Krems. The we rode back on the south bank after lunch. The trails are almost exclusively for bikers and hikers.

Dedicated bicycle trails along both sides of the Danube
Numerous vineyards all around
Melk Abbey
Ferry crossing the Danube

One nice tip is that should you not want to go all the way around and back (total about 73 km), you can always cross over the Danube on the ferry (for a small fees) at every 5 km or so.

It is a really nice way to spend one or two days around there.

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