Biking the Grand Canyon

Biking on the Grand Canyon’s Greenway Trail – December 2018

Seven of us booked to stay inside the park at the Grand Canyon Village just before Christmas 2018. It was after Trump already shut down the federal government because of the “wall budget dispute” and most of the national parks in the US were closed. Fortunately for us, Arizona’s state government had the foresight to prepare emergency fund that kept Grand Canyon open. Doubly, we did not have to pay the entrance fees since that was the responsibility of the federal government employees.

Being inside the park was really good that it allowed us to have an early start before more tourists arrived from outside the park so for the few hours, we had the park pretty much to ourselves.

We went to rent bikes from Bright Angel Bicycles which had good selection of hybrid bikes.

The recently finished Greenway Trails are really nice as it runs very close the the canyon rims so that we were able to stop for pictures very often.

Although I have visited The Grand Canyon twice before, this staying in the lodge inside the park and biking the Greenway made this the most memorably fun visit of all.

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