Bornholm, Denmark – Aug 2015

Self-guided Biking around Bornholm Island, Denmark ā€“ August 2015

Dedicated trails around the island

I was told by my brother-in-law that we should visit Bornholm Island in Denmark since they have dedicated bike trails around the island. We then booked our tour with a local company, Biking Bornholm ( ) for a 6 nights of self-guided tour.

We chosen the bus-and-ferry from Copenhagen as the bus leaves next to the Copenhagen train station. The bus and ferry sections were well coordinated but when we got to Bornholm, things got rather complicated and inconvenient. There was no transportation arranged for us to get to the first hotel and there was no taxi around so we had to dragged our luggage from the ferry terminal to the hotel, about half a kilometer away. Then at the hotel, we found out that we had to go back into town, another kilometer past the ferry terminal to pick up our bikes. So the first days was kind of wasted with just trying to get organized with the bikes and lodging. We had to repeat this process again at the end of the trip to return the bikes and hiked back to the hotel. Fortunately this time the hotel was able to call us a taxi the next day to get us and the luggage back to the ferry to return to Copenhagen. The above logistical inconveniences aside, this was a really nice trip for us as it was also Big Foot Tour’s first taste of the European’s passions for cycling.

Food and drinks helped to compensate for the logistical inconvenience

The ride around the island is good for someone who is trying out a self-guided bike tour for the first time.

The routes are well marked and you cannot really get lost as you will always have the ocean on one side. The total distance to bike around the island is about 105 Km so spreading that out over 5 biking days allows for lots of stops to walk around, take pictures, and grab drinks at all the various restaurants, cafes, and pubs along the way.

Most of the routes are on paved bike tracks that is separated from the cars so they are very safe. For a few sections that you have to share the roads, the bike lanes are wide and well marked and all the Danes are very considerate of bikers and would swing wide to give plenty of room.

This trip is not recommended for people who have experience with longer multi-days self-guided bike trips because the routes will likely feel to be too short and easy and not as much varieties. But for someone who wants a nice easy healthy holiday, it is a good choice.

One issue that we have about the meals is that we are used to ordering food and share so that we get to eat a little of everything but that is not customary in Denmark. So we were frown upon when we asked for empty plates. At least they always politely say that they do not have extra empty plates.

My Big Foot Tour Grade C+

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