California 17-Miles Drive

Biking the California’s 17-Miles Drive – December 2018

Amazing view along the Pacific coast

The California’s famous 17-Miles Drive is now a great place to visit by bikes.

Six adults and three kids rented bicycles from Addventures by the Sea in Monterey.

They have good selections of different bikes for rent , including even electrical-assisted bikes.

The dedicated bike trails starts right behind the shop and runs along the ocean for a few Km. The rest of the time, we rode on wide marked off bicycle lane sharing the road with cars.

So many amazing views all along the ride.

The good thing about bike riding is that we did not have to pay any fee to ride on the 17-Miles Drive.

Food, especially seafood was good although a bit pricey as you would have expected it.

If you happen to be in the area, I strongly suggest you try to see the 17-Miles Drive this way, on a bike


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