Canoeing Lithuania Lake

Canoeing in Lithuania’s Lake Plateliu in Zemaitijos National Park

During our road trip through the three Baltic countries in October 2018, we stopped at the Zemaitijos National Park in the northwestern Lithuania.

We contacted a tour company, Wet Weim ( to see if we can do some half day canoeing in Lake Plateliu. Janis, the owner, said that he was about to put all the canoes away for the season but was willing to take us out for a tour.

Wet Weim gorgeous handmade canoes

Janis handmade his own canoes and they were gorgeous wooden canoes that is so far superior than ones we have ever used on any tour before.

And what a gorgeous lake it is with cool clear water.

Gorgeous lake with cool clear water

Janis brought some snacks and wine for us for the mid tour break on one of the small islands in the lake.

Mid-tour break on an island

Janis also brought a drone and flew it to take amazing pictures for us.

Drone-eye View

Definitely a MUST DO if you are visiting the Baltic

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