Fool me once ….

Why Japan is not a Big Foot Tour Destination

Japan has become one of the top travel destinations for Thai tourists in recent year after Japan waived visa requirement for Thais a few years ago. There are numerous daily flights to many different cities from Bangkok including many low cost airlines and the flight time is fairly short (between 4 hours to Okinawa to 7 hours to Sapporo).

So Big Foot Angel has been trying to check out destinations that I can add as Big Foot Tour trips. After numerous visits to check out, I found that none of the areas is suitable for what Big Foot members like to do. Most of the “highlights” are just visiting crowded tourist sites, shopping, eating, and onsen. Don’t get me wrong, Japan is a beautiful country with lots of history and friendly people. It is just not suitable for Big Foot Tour.

I cannot find anyone to help organize a multi-days bike tours, and since most Japanese outside the big cities do not speak any English, trying to organize all the logistics myself is practically impossible.

Several examples of what I tried and found out to be rather disappointed :

  • We saw the pictures of people rowing in the Takachiho Gorge and imagined that it would be similar to our kayaking trip in Alaska or canoe trip in Lithuania. It turned out to be more like a Disneyland’s ride that we could only row in a wooden row boat in the gorge for less than 100 meters !!!
  • We went to Okinawa to drive around and one resort advertised that we can “rent bikes” to ride around the rural areas. It turned out that the bikes that were available for rent were old and small more suitable for children to ride around the yard than for touring. It was rather disappointing as Okinawa was beautiful with great weather but the only way we got to see it was in our car.
  • We went to Nagano on our ski trip and decided to stop by the Snow Monkey Park that we often saw the pictures on documentary pictures and movies. After walking about 2 Km in the snow and paid 800 Yens entry fees, we found that several monkeys were really bathing in the hot water in a small man-made pool !!!

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