MTB in Krabi, Thailand

Half-day guided Mountain Bike ride near Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand – 9 March 2019

Big Foot Angel in a rubber plantation

We flew down to Krabi in the south off Thailand to visit a marina that is being constructed and we decided to take rent mountain bikes and hire a guide to take us for a half-day trip into the forests in the area.

Shady rubber trees

It turned out that the trails was really good with mixture of quiet paved lanes, single tracks, and open smooth dirt roads. The nice thing was that 90% of the rides were in the shades of the palm and rubber forests. We rode about 27 Km over 4 hours with lots of stops for pictures.

Rubber tapping

Our guide (the owner of the bike shop – more on that later) took us to various sites and he explained about the southern culture and practices.

Khao Glom (Round Mountain)
Klong Nam Sai (Clear Stream)
Din-Daeng-Doi Lookout Point

At the end of the ride, we stopped by to see the “Cock Crowing Competition” that have cocks compete on how many times they crow in a limited length of time. Owner pays 200-300 Baht to enter and the winner takes all the money.

Crowing Competition

It is a really ride that is definitely worth for anyone wanting to see the “other side” of Krabi that does not involve sea, sand, and tourists.

Khun Wuth and his shop

One if a rather shocking fact is that this ride is almost unknown to Thais as the shop owner, Khun Wuth (who was our guide for the day) said that for as far back as he can remember (over 5 years), we were THE ONLY 2nd THAI GROUP he ever had as customers !!! He said that “99.99% of the customers are Europeans and Australians”

This is rather ashamed that us Thais do not look nearer to home for really good rides opportunity. Big Foot Angel is guilty of this as well although to my defense, our gang hates to ride in hot weather.

Anyway, Khun Wuth’s company “Krabi Eco Cycle” has a good website that you can browse for half-day, full-day, and even multi-days trips :

He mentioned that there are lots of different trails around so I am sure that if you have any specific requirement, you can discuss with him to tailor the rides, like he did for our trip.

BTW : The bikes he had for rent are very good conditioned well-maintained hardtail MTB that is very suitable for the terrains.

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