Lithuania’s Curonian Spit

e-Biking in the Lithuania’s Curonian Spit National Park – October 2019

During our road trip to the three gorgeous Baltic countries, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, we decided to rent electric-assisted bikes to ride the Curonian Spit.

Curonian Spit location from Google Map
Waiting for the free ferry

The plan was to rent eBikes at the ferry port in Klaipeda, cross over on the free 5-minutes ferry, and ride about 20 Km and then turn around to come back.

Hill of Witches

We googled a place called Hill of Witches which is at the 20 Km mark and saw that there were many restaurants there marked as “open” so our aim was to grab lunch there before heading back.

Shady trails

The dedicated paved bike/hike trail that runs right down the middle of the spit is gorgeous and the trees provide plenty of shades.

There are access to the beach along the way with really funny dedicated beaches such as this “Men-only Beach” !!!

Empty beaches during the Armpit Tourist Season
Very Very empty town !!!

It was a great place to spend a day biking.

The only problem we ran into was that when we got to out target near the Hill of Witches, we found that every single restaurant and hotel were closed for the season (despite Google saying to the contrary). The few locals we found were extremely nice and tried to think where we could get something to eat. After about an hour circling around without any luck, we decided to ride 20 Km back to the ferry terminal and finally got lunch there at 3 pm.

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