LOST and FOUND in the Loire Valley

On our Self-Guided Bike ride in Loire Valley, France that we had one member who is a very well known surgeon. Like most surgeons, he has a habit of grabbing short naps whenever he can. We nicknamed him Sir Naps-a-lot (similar to Sir Lancelot). He liked to speed ahead of the group then stop for a nap along the trails to wait for the group to reach him. He can jump back on his bike to ride ahead again.

One evening as we reached Chinon, he said that he lost his wallet, must have dropped it a long the trails on one of the spots where he napped. The likely spot was when he was napping on the grass field at a big intersection. Because we were one of the very few people on these trails, we were quite sure that the wallet would still be at the point where it fell. So as it is getting dark, the idea was to hire a taxi to take him back to that spot.

One major problem was that we did not know exactly where that spot was on the map and the taxi cannot retrace our route because cars are not allowed on the bike trails. We needed to find a way to identify the exact spot so that the taxi can drop him off at the nearest point to walk over to the intersection.

One of our member said she took a picture off Sir Naps-a-lot at that intersection but there was no visible geolocation coordinates displayed in the picture. Fortunately we also had two tech geeks in out gang and after about 30 minutes, they were able to crack the codes in the picture to get the location information. It took some more work to get that into the Google Map but finally the intersection was identified and taxi was able to get close enough so that Sir Naps-a-lot was able to walk over and retrieved his wallet.

The reason I thought this story is worth telling it that it took many people with different skill sets to avoid what could ruin the rest of the trip, at least for one of our members.

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