New Zealand Glow Worm

Lesser known but most fun New Zealand’s South Island Glow Worm Cave

There are many glow worm caves in New Zealand but several years ago we visited one of the lesser know glow worm cave in the northwest coast of New Zealand’s South Island in the town of Greymouth.

The web we booked on was quite different of what it is now but I am sure that the cave is the same. Although it is not as well known as others, I think it is the most fun to visit because you get to join active activities like floating through the cave on a rubber tube.

We started by changing in wetsuits and ride a small train through the forest to the foot of the hill.

There we each have to pick-up a rubber tube to carry hiking up the hills to the entrance of the cave.

There we floated on our backs linking with our feet and the guide pulling on the group along the shallow stream in the cave.

When we got to about the middle of the cave, the guide asked us to turn off all the lights. She then used one inner tube to bang on the water to generate vibration. Then the glow worm all lit up like an amazing Christmas decoration.

Then as we exited the cave, we floated down the stream down to the bottom of the hill and ran through some small fun rapids along the way.

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