Rhine, Germany – June 2017

Self-Guided Bike Tour Rhine Valley, Germany – June 2017

Riding along the Rhine

Our second self-guided bike tour was in Germany along the Rhine River. This tour, the “Rhine Bike Path: Mainz to Cologne” https://www.velociped.de/en/all-bike-tours/germany/rhine-bike-trail/rhine-cycle-track-the-classic-tour-in-6-days.html is one of the numerous selection from the company, Velociped.

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We flew into Frankfurt and took a 20 minutes train ride from Frankfurt Airport to Mainz. The bikes were waiting for us at the hotel along with all the materials such as maps and day-by-day guide. It was extremely efficient and stress-free.

The hotels they have booked for us were clean and comfortable which included good breakfast to get us going on our ride during the day. The luggage transfer was excellent as they were always at the next hotel before we arrive in the afternoon.

We were riding mostly on dedicated bicycle tracks with gentle rolling hills.

The most amazing thing about European cities is that they have preserved most of the waterfront areas as public parks.

For example, approached the city of Cologne, we expected that we would be sharing the busy roads with cars. It was such a nice surprise to see that the bicycle trails in the city were almost exclusively in the very green parks along the river.


On this trip, we had a friend’s Thai nephew and his girlfriend joining. They have never been on this kind of tour before but by the end of the trip, they were totally converted and ending up joining many subsequent trips.

Sharing Ice Cream with a German friend in the heat.

If you are planning to do this trip, I would suggest you do it either in May or slightly earlier or from late September onward. We found June to be a bit too hot and some sections along the river has no tree cover that the ride can be rather unpleasant during mid day.

Waiting to hop onto the train with bikes

Luckily, the route also has train tracks nearby pretty much the whole way so you can always hop on the train to the next destination. We did that one hot day and it was very convenient. All the trains have at least one bogie that you can just push the bike onto ( for a small additional charge). Tickets can be bought at vending machines at all the stops.

My Big Foot Tour Grade B

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