Scotland’s Hebrides – May 2014

Fully-supported Mountain Biking The Hebridean Trail (Scotland – May 2014)

The early Big Foot Tour members
Gorgeously changing weather

This was Big Foot Tour’s very first multi-day bike trip and it was a gem (many members still say that it is still their very favorite trip). Ten of us went on this tour arranged by a local Scottish company, Wilderness Scotland ( ).

This was a guided mountain bike tour with a support truck and 3 staff members (taking turns with two accompanied the group on bikes as guides while another would drive the support truck). It was an extremely well organized program that allowed to just enjoy the gorgeous trails and amazing food.

Beautiful photo ops

Over 6 days, we covered about 280 Km riding from North Uist island northward ending at the very top of the Hebrides at Butt of Lewis.

Varying terrains

I asked the guides why we rode in the northward direction. They said that the wind generally blows from the south so that if we were to ride in the southward direction, we would have been riding against the wind.

Waiting for the truck to pick us up

Well, just to remind us that Mother Nature can always have the last laugh, half way through the first day, we ran into a headwind so strong that even the strongest young riders in the group could not bike against. We had to call for the support truck to pick us up. As if Mother Nature already made her point, we did not encounter any bad headwind for the rest of the trip.

Lunch stops

The hotels that the company booked for us were all really nice and comfortable and provided great hearty breakfasts to get us fueled up for the day.

Great lunches provided by the team

The support truck will generally meet us about mid day to provide lunch on the trails, which was a really nice arrangement as we get to eat in the wilderness. Dinners are pretty much on our own and the local restaurants and pubs were really good and fun.

I suggest that anyone attempting to join this trip to already have good mountain biking skills with at least above average fitness as the distance covered each day was relatively long and with plenty of ups and downs.

The trails ranges from very quiet single lane paved roads (some days we saw fewer than 10 cars) to mountainous dirt roads. On the scale of 1 to 5 on the difficulties, I would say that it is between 3.5 to 4.

I would highly recommend this tour for mountain bikers who look for gorgeous secluded trails with great support system.

My Big Foot Tour Grades A

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