Thailand West – 2020/1

Saturday Dec 5, 2020 – ราชบุรี, สวนผึ้ง – แอ่งกะลา ride 

Today was the first day of our Rachburi & Pranburi bike trip.  The Rachburi section was organized by ปั่นเที่ยวป่า ( ) with Noom and Pum as the husband and wife owners.

We all gather at เขตรักษาพันธุ์สัตว์ป่าแม่น้ำภาชี for the ride up into the pristine forest for 9 Km crossing 31 streams along the way.  The trails are dual dirt track climbing over 200 meters over 9 Km. The forest is so pristine with very tall trees such that 90% of the rides were in the shade.  Combined that with the cool 20C weather it made for a very pleasant ride.

As we had eMTBs, were were able to get to the top in just 1.5 hours instead of the usual 3 hours with normal mountain bikes and we were able to have lunch at the top just before noon.

We have asked ปั่นเที่ยวป่า for a “full service” trip and they have delivered more than what we expected.  Not only that we had a truck and a motorcycle following us for safety and support, the truck also brought fresh chilled coconuts for us and also our lunch.  At the top, the ground has beautiful shady clearing with toilet facilities.  The weather at the top was a breezy 18C so we spent an extra hour just chilling before riding down.

By the way, ปั่นเที่ยวป่า said that they always bring goods (food and snacks) to the rangers who looks after the forest in appreciation of their hard efforts to preserve the park.  We all thought that is a great idea so we brought food and snacks to join to donation on all 3 days of our rides to three different ranger teams.

Tammareen Villa ( ) is the resort that we are staying for two nights.  It is really nice and spacious and the owner, also a biker, and his wife joined us for dinner.

BFT Route Rate : A- Guide Rate : A/A+ 

Sunday Dec 6, 2020 – 50 Km in พุระกำ

Today we woke up to another glorious dry cool 18C weather.  We drove 30 minutes to the พุระกำ area for a 50 Km loop ride.  Unfortunately, one of the eMTBs developed a problem so we wasted an hour try to figure out how to fix it. 

The morning ride was mostly on wide shady mix of dirt and paved tracks.  It was nice but nothing that can be considered as outstanding.  We stopped for lunch where ปั่นเที่ยวป่า cooked up fresh hot food on the hills overlooking a beautiful stream.

The afternoon ride was really nice where the views were spectacular.  With the cool breezy weather that we had it was as if we were riding through the alpine meadows and on hills in Europe.

BFT Route Rate : A- Guide Rate : A/A+

NOTE : Pranburi is not a place for YOLD mountain bikers

We then drove to Pranburi to try to find some good mountain biking trails. This is our second attempt to find nice shady cross country trails. The first time was a total failure when we tried to find some place to ride by ourselves.

So this time we hired a local guide but I would rate the trails there as a D as it was 40% on wide dirt roads and 40% on smaller paved side roads, and 20% along the main roads. There were no shady trails and very little highlights to take pictures of. Normally Big Foot never taken fewer than 50 pictures on one riding day. For this, Big Foot took exactly 4 pictures and they are not even good enough to post.

BFT Route Rate : D Guide Rate : D+

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